Regarding Kaiser Senior Advantage

Chiropractic care is a benefit provided through many Kaiser plans, but not all plans offer this coverage.  If you would like us to check your plan, please contact our office by phone and we would be happy to check on your behalf.  We will need your Kaiser Medical Record number in order to obtain the coverage information.  


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Petaluma, CA


Chiropractic care is a benefit provided though Kaiser Senior Advantage.  Patients can usually e-mail their Kaiser doctor and request an outside referral for chiropractic care through American Specialty Health (ASH).  

Patients will receive a letter once the referral has been processed.  This letter will provide the patient with suggestions of chiropractors who are providers with ASH.  

The patient DOES NOT need to choose from the provided list.  They may choose any chiropractor contracted with ASH.  Dr. Swanson is an ASH contracted provider.  Co-payments vary by plan, but currently $20 is the maximum co-pay through Kaiser Senior Advantage.